For current University of Maryland Students seeking to schedule an appointment with a member of our Advising Team, please navigate to TerpEngage. You can find us under > Teams > GEOG - Academic Advising.

If you are not a current University of Maryland student, please reach out to us as <geog-advise [at]>.

Every semester you must meet with a GEOG Advisor for mandatory advising before you can register for courses the next semester. We will remove your block at this meeting and discuss your remaining degree requirements. You should plan to visit advising at least 2 weeks prior to your registration date. You can schedule an appointment through or visit us during drop-in hours. You can make an appointment and view drop-in hours on TerpEngage.

For general inquiries, such as quick questions about coursework, requirements, or otherwise do not feel that you need a full advising appointment, feel free to reach out to us at via email at geog-advise [at]