Major Curriculum Worksheets - NEW FOR FALL 2021 ONWARD

If you are looking for curriculum guides from before Fall 2021, please email geog-advise [at] To declare, schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Geographical Sciences

Geographical Sciences: Geospatial Data Science (Formerly GIS & Computer Cartography)

Geographical Sciences: Computational Earth Observation Science 

A full listing of detailed graduation requirements for all Geographical Sciences offerings can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog

Major Four and Two Year Sample Plans

The following are sample plans designed to aid students in completing their own graduation plans. The Two-Year plans are designed for students transferring to the University of Maryland with an Associate's Degree. Your own plan will likely look very different. Schedule an appointment with an advisor if you need assistance with your specific plan. Is your MATH placement score below MATH120 (a benchmark requirement)? That's okay! Please contact an advisor for more information on how to successfully achieve the necessary MATH course for the major. 

Geographical Sciences - Four Year Plan
Geographical Sciences - Two Year Plan
Geographical Sciences: Geospatial Data Science - Four Year Plan
Geographical Sciences: Geospatial Data Science - Two Year Plan
Geographical Sciences: Computational Earth Observation Science - Four Year Plan
Geographical Sciences: Computational Earth Observation Science - Two Year Plan

Minor Curriculum Worksheets

GIS Minor Curriculum

Remote Sensing of Environmental Change Minor Curriculum

Minor Application Form

Advising Forms for Current Students

Faculty Mentoring Form
To remove a registration block for ENSP majors, students must meet with their faculty mentor to obtain signatures on the faculty mentoring form. The signed form should be brought to the Geographical Sciences Advising Office. Geography and GIS majors will utilize this form when they take GEOG212 and do not need it for block removal. 

Permission to Enroll in Another Institution
If students want to take a course(s) away from the university, they must complete the Permission to Enroll in Another Institution online form. Students must obtain appropriate approval(s) from the college and/or the department.

Special Courses Forms

GEOG384/385: Internship Information, Application, & Evaluation Forms (Internship Professor is Dr. Keith Yearwood for Fall/Spring and Advising Office for Winter/Summer). 

GEOG398/498: Independent Study Application
Independent Studies are semester long, individualized academic research projects. Students work with a faculty supervisor to design and research an original thesis.

Graduate Level Courses: Permission to Take a Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit
Students who meet certain criteria are eligible to take a graduate level course(s).  Student should print and complete the Permission to Take a Graduate Level Course for Undergraduate Credit form.