Haley (she/her) is an incoming PhD student in the Geographical Sciences department at the University of Maryland. Prior to her doctoral work, Haley completed her Master's degree at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability, where she specialized in Environmental Justice and Geospatial Data Science. At Michigan, Haley wrote her Master's thesis on the representation of Indigenous peoples in environmental justice screening tools and worked as a research assistant in the Institute for Social Research, where she created spatial measures of segregation using Getis-Ord Gi* statistics. She has also taught both graduate and undergraduate level courses as a Teaching Assistant. 

In GEOG, Haley will work with Dr. Kathleen Stewart on projects related to environmental and climate justice. She hopes to draw from the field of epidemiology by investigating social determinants of health that contribute to racial health disparities, such as segregation and redlining. Broadly, Haley aspires to apply spatial data science towards the pursuit of environmental justice and the alleviation of racial health disparities.

Areas of Interest

  • Environmental justice
  • GIS and spatial data science
  • Spatial epidemiology
  • Segregation and redlining
  • Geovisualization


  • Degree Type
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    University of Michigan
  • Degree Type
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    University of Maryland



Research Topics

  • Geospatial-Information Science and Remote Sensing
Headshot of Haley Mullen. Haley is wearing a white shirt and smiling.
mullenh [at] umd.edu