Robyn Gausman-Burnett graduated from Villanova University and The New School for Social Research. She holds several graduate certificates, including concentrations in special education, technology integration, and instructional design.

Over the past seventeen years, she taught math, business, and social studies, spending time at schools in Korea, China, and across the United States. For the past five years, she has been working with schools as a curriculum director and consultant, supporting teachers as they merge knowledge-rich instruction with standards-based assessment to develop project-based and cross-disciplinary models of instruction for the evolving primary and secondary classroom. In her capacity as both an administrator and consultant, she has successfully guided organizations through processes such as regional accreditation, the adoption of advanced professional development tools and assessment metrics, and the redesign of internal data management protocols. Her ongoing commitment involves collaborating with schools to facilitate academic transformations, achieve accreditation, devise strategic plans, and foster professional development.

Robyn began her research in school-level transformation back in 2007 with an investigation into teacher efficacy, school professional development practices, and compensation models in the DODEA schools of Europe and the Pacific. At the University of Maryland, she intends to study spatial analysis to better investigate the relationships between school and district-level academic outcomes and their driving economic, demographic, and instructional factors to capture the whole population data of K-12 in the United States.



  • Degree Type
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    Economics-Villanova University
  • Degree Type
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    Economics-The New School for Social Research


  • 2004-05-30
    The Evelyn Byers Award for Philosophical Research-Montgomery College
  • 2007-05-29
    The Adam Smith Prize-Villanova University
  • 2014-05-14
    Florida Council for Economics Education (1st Prize & 3rd Prize)


Research Topics

  • Human Dimensions of Global Change - Coupled Human and Natural Systems
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