David is working with the GEDI science team to perform quality control and quality assurance for the GEDI calibration and validation database. This database consists of coincident airborne LiDAR data and on-the-ground tree biometry data, and will be used to calibrate GEDI readings prior to its 2018 launch.

Previously, David has worked on a project that paired forest structure data from LiDAR and field measurements with atmospheric energy balance measurements in a campaign to rapidly assess atmospheric-vegetation interactions across a wide range of locations. Also he has performed population and community ecology research in temperate and tropical forests, focusing on fruit production, seedling demography, and mature tree growth.


  • MS
    Department of Plant Biology, Michigan State University
  • BS
    Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
  • BS
    Department of Zoology, Michigan State University
David Minor
1150A LeFrak Hall
Department of Geographical Sciences
minord [at] umd.edu