Michael is a Faculty Specialist at the University of Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences. He specializes in remote sensing applied to Land Use and Land Cover Change. Michael has a B.S. in Geographical Information Science with a specialization in Remote Sensing and Computer Cartography and an M.A. in Geospatial Information Sciences from the University of Maryland. Michael’s capstone project investigated the potential of digital elevation models (DEMs) to capture temporal forest change dynamics across Ukraine. Changes in terrain between the SRTM and Copernicus elevation models were explored by applying coregistration and noise reduction techniques to correct SRTM for subpixel offsets and enable change area estimation. Michael’s primary work included remote sensing applications in cloud processing of satellite imagery, Earth Observations, Land Use and Land Cover Analysis, and Environmental Monitoring and Modelling on local and global scales.

Areas of Interest

  • Remote sensing
  • Disaster monitoring and risk assessment


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    Geographical Sciences: GIS & Computer Cartography
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    Geospatial Information Sciences
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