Emilie Murphy

Senior Faculty Specialist

I received my Master’s Degree in Applied Physics with a concentration in Sciences, Technology and Environment from the University of Toulon-Var in France.  I started my career as a Research Engineer at the LSCE (Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environment) in the suburb of Paris.  At LSCE, I worked mainly with PARASOL-POLDER satellite data to develop a database of Land Surface Directional Signatures for Climate Change and Vegetation Cycle studies. Then, in 2009, I had the opportunity to work on MODIS satellite data processing in support of scientific studies at the Department on the team of Professor Eric Vermote.  Currently, I still work with Dr. Eric Vermote on the development of the surface reflectance climate data record from MODIS and the satellite AVHRR-NOAA as a science collaborator in NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Areas of Interest:
  • Land Surface Reflectances
  • MODIS and AVHRR-NOAA Maintenance and Validation
  • MS Sciences, Technology and Environment Systems, University of Toulon-Var, France
  • BS Physics
  • Emilie Murphy
NASA GSFC - Code 619 - Bldg 32/Room N148A
Department of Geographical Sciences
Phone: (301) 614-5846
Email: emilie.murphy@nasa.gov