Event Date and Time
LeFrak Hall Patio

To honor our spectacular graduate students, the Department of Geographical Sciences will host a Grad Student Appreciation Day.  The event will take place this Thursday, May 19th, starting at 2:00 p.m. on the LeFrak patio (facing Tydings).  Ice cream will be served! There will be a kickball match - and more!  Please join us!!

For additional information, please contact Dr. Julie Silva.  We look forward to seeing you there!

National Competition Winners:
Kelly Anderson (PhD) - Boren Fellowship, NSF GRFP honorable mention
Laura Garvie (BS student) - Boren Scholarship for Undergraduate Students
Kris Lasko (PhD) - American Society for Engineering Education's SMART Fellowship
Donal O'Leary (incoming PhD), - NSF GRFP Fellowship
Diana Parker (PhD) - Fulbright Fellowship
Danielle Rappaport (PhD) - Ford Fellowship
Sean Turner (BS/MS student) - Fulbright Fellowship
University-wide Competition Winners:
Rachel Lamb (in-coming PhD) - University Flagship Fellowship
Jie Zhang (PhD), Lee Thornton Dissertation Fellowship