Alyssa Whitcraft

Research Assistant Professor

My research focuses on agriculture and the monitoring and mapping of agricultural characteristics and processes worldwide. While I am very interested in methods and drivers of land management (the hyper-local to regional “how” and the “why”), my current focus is on understanding and improving Earth observations data requirements for global agricultural monitoring, as well as characterizing general cropland and crop-specific phenology.

My passion for agriculture stems from my family’s viticulture business, from a background in international development, and from a long-standing interest in methods of maintaining human livelihoods. My training in geography turned my attention toward remote sensing and geospatial methodologies, and showed the importance of spatial thinking in global problem-solving.

I also have a side interest in Geographic education research, specifically regarding pedagogical tools as well as issues of equity and access in both virtual and traditional classrooms.

  • PhD Geographical Sciences; University of Maryland, College Park 2014
  • BA Geography/Environmental Studies & International Development Studies (double major); University of California, Los Angeles 2007
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Department of Geographical Sciences