Jean-Claude Roger

Research Professor

Areas of Interest:
  • Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Land
  • Atmospheric Correction (VIIRS, MODIS, Sentinel(s), Landsat(s), MERIS...)
  • Calibration/Validation
  • Radiative Transfer
  • Aerosol characterization (chemical, microphysical, physical, radiative) and Aerosol radiative impact
  • PhD ++ Degree to apply for a full professor position (typically french !!) - University Blaise Pascal, France - “Synergetic approach for a better optical and micro-physical characterization of aerosols, and a better estimation of their impacts” (2006)
  • PhD University of Lille 1 - "Spatial Studies in Polarized Light - Preparation of the POLDER instrument"- Graduated with the highest honor (1991)
  • MA Master in Fundamental Physique - University of Lille 1, France (1988)
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