Lab Conduct Policy- Undergraduate Students

-Open computer labs are available for walk-in use during normal hours of operation

-Undergrad Students are prohibited from occupying the labs or using lab facilities at any time other than during posted open lab hours.

-Students are required to leave when requested by lab assistants, grad students, or faculty

-Open lab access privileges will be revoked if abused

-Individuals who fail to comply will be subject to behavioral review by the University Student Judiciary


Lab Conduct Policy- Graduate Students

-Graduate students are not permitted to grant access to undergraduates into labs after open hours

-Graduate students have the responsibility and authority to request anyone who is not a fellow graduate student to leave the lab room

-During regular Department of Geographical Sciences office hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) please contact the main office in the case of a recalcitrant student, if after hours, call the non-emergency University Police line at 301.405.3555

-Graduate students are responsible for anything that happens in the room during their stay


Lab Conduct Policy- Individuals with Special Research Permission

-Unlimited access cannot be abused

-Required to abide by open lab hours for all assignments not related to ‘research’ projects

-Not permitted to grant access to undergraduates into labs after open hours

-Failure to comply with above rules will result in a loss of special lab access privileges


Any problems relating to issues in the lab:

Please email: geoghelp [at] with the Subject line: Open-Lab Issue 

-University Police will be notified if students fail to comply with above rules, their non-emergency phone number is 301.405.3555