The Department of Geographical Sciences offers a one-semester internship program for undergraduates. Students can earn a total of three credits by signing up for GEOG384 after securing an internship. Students are responsible for finding their own internships and can pursue a wide variety of opportunities in the public private and non-profit sectors. Internships may be on-or off-campus, paid or unpaid.

To enroll in GEOG384, download the Application and GEOG384 syllabus on the Advising Forms page (scroll down to Special Courses Forms). Follow the "Steps to get Internship Credits" detailed below. 

Internship Credit Requirements (Note: These requirements are to receive ACADEMIC CREDIT for your Internship Experience - Individual Host Agencies may have different requirements)

  • Junior or senior with a minimum of 70 credits
  • 2.8 GPA overall

Steps to get Internship Credits 

  1. Secure an internship. Be sure to keep an eye on the geog-undergrad listserv, GEOG Blog, and Careers4Terps for opportunities!
  2. Download the current semester's Application Packet from the Advising Forms page.
  3. Obtain your Host Agency Supervisor's Signature on the "Letter of Agreement" Form. 
  4. Write 1 Page Proposal detailing internship requirements, responsibilities, and hour expectations. 
  5. Bring Letter of Agreement (signed by your supervisor!) and 1 Page Proposal to the Geographical Sciences Advising Office (LEF 2181M) during the schedule adjustment period for the semester in which you intend to enroll in GEOG384/5. 
  6. Enroll in GEOG384/5 via Testudo. 
  7. Bring Letter of Agreement (signed by your supervisor and academic advisor!) and 1 Page Proposal to the respective email addresses to discuss course requirements.
    1. Internship Professor for Fall/Spring Semesters: Dr. Keith Yearwood (kyearwoo [at]
    2. Internship Professor for Summer/Winter Semesters: geog-advise [at]
  8. Complete all assignments as detailed in the Internship Application Packet. 

Internship Partners

For more information on internships and the University of Maryland visit: