Program Overview:

Students earning Honors in Geographical Sciences take two semesters (three credits each semester) of courses. The first semester is an applied course, through which you collect data or conduct research. The second semester is an analysis course, through which you use the data and skills accumulated in the previous semester to create an honors product, such as a scholarly thesis, GIS application, literature review, or data visualization. Students will present their results in the analysis semester at an academic forum (UMD research symposium, AAG meeting, Geographical Sciences research symposium, etc.).

  • Semester 1: 1 Applied course (GEOG384/5H, GEOG398H)
  • Semester 2: 1 Analysis course (GEOG398H, GEOG498H)

Program Eligibility:

  1. GPA of 3.2 overall, and 3.5 in Geographical Sciences by the end of junior year.
  2. Minimum of 56 credit hours earned.

If eligible, choose an Honors Path and fill out an application:


Applied Semester (enroll in one of the following):

  1. Independent Research Path: GEOG398H: Find a Geographical Sciences professor with whom to conduct research. This faculty member is the mentor for GEOG398H.
  2. Internship Path: GEOG384/5H:Find an internship with a research component. In your honors application, explicitly state how your internship involves research. Your internship supervisor must sign off on this statement. Mr. Allen Eney is the faculty mentor for GEOG384H. You will also need to find a faculty mentor (whose research relates to your internship) to oversee your analysis semester.

Analysis Semester (enroll in one of the following):

  1. Independent Research Path: GEOG498H, guided by your faculty advisor from 398H.
  2. Internship Path: GEOG398H, guided by a faculty advisor you identify whose research aligns with your internship research. 


For more information, contact Allen Eney aeney [at]

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