GEOG Jenga Game #2


Which is the highest mountain range that lies exclusively in Europe?

A: The Alps



Montego Bay is on which Caribbean island?

A: Jamaica



What is the capital city of Australia?

A: Canberra



Can you name three countries whose spelling begins with the letter D?

A: Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic



The Nile River is the longest river in the world (at 4,160 miles). Which one’s the next longest?

A: Amazon River



What is the 10th most spoken language worldwide?

A: German



What do Grenada and Costa Rica have in common?

A: They have no army


Approximately how many people live in Greenland (to the closest thousand)?

A: 57,000 (actually 56,370)



The USA is known for giving its different states their own nickname. Can you match these eight US states to theirs:

a. Indiana

b. Missouri

c. North Dakota

d. Wisconsin

e. South Carolina

f. Maryland

g. Connecticut

h. Michigan

The Provisions State / Old Line State / The Wolverine State / The Hoosier State / The Show Me State / The Flickertail State / America’s Dairyland / The Palmetto State

A: a. The Hoosier State – b. The Show Me State – c. The Flickertail State – d. America’s Dairyland – e. The Palmetto State – f. Old Line State – g. The Provisions State – h. The Wolverine State



The Prime Meridian runs through which three continents?

A: Europe-Africa-Antarctica



Name the countries that make up the U.K.

A: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Isles



One of these countries isn’t landlocked. Which is it?

A:      a. Zambia

 b. Paraguay

 c. Slovakia

d. Croatia


What percentage of the Nile River is located in Egypt?

A: 22%



What cape lies at the most north-westerly point of Scotland?

A: Cape Wrath



Which of these peoples is found in Scandinavia?

A: Sami



Where is Grenada?

A: In the southeastern Caribbean Sea



What state is nicknamed “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”

A: Minnesota



Name the deepest lake in the United States

A: Crater Lake



How many U.S states are landlocked?

A: 16



Which U.S state only borders one state?

A: Maine



Where is Lake Okeechobee?

A: Florida



What river flows through the Grand Canyon?

A: The Colorado River



What country has the most natural lakes?

A: Canada



What is the height of Niagara Falls?

A: 167 ft.