Geographical Sciences Computer Lab Rules and Regulations

students using computers during COVID-19

Open Lab Hours for

Open Lab Hours for

Open computer labs are available for walk-in use during open hours as posted above. Undergrad Students are prohibited from occupying the labs or using lab facilities at any time other than during posted open lab hours. However, students can access our Virtual Computing Environment from their own device at any time. Please see Virtual Lab for Windows or Virtual Lab for Mac to get connected! 

This lab is reserved for GEOG/GIS/CEOS majors, ENSP Marine and Coastal majors, ENSP Global Environmental Change majors, ENSP Land Use majors, GIS/RS minors, GEOG MS and PhD students, and students enrolled in a GIS and/or RS course.

For any problems relating to issues in the lab: 

Please email: geoghelp [at] with the Subject line: Open-Lab Issue 

University Police will be notified if students fail to comply with below rules, their non-emergency phone number is 301.405.3555


  1. Lab spaces are first come, first served. No social distancing is currently required but please be mindful of your fellow students.
  2. Use the cleaning supplies provided to clean your workstation both BEFORE and AFTER you use the space. The wipes may be used gently on the keyboards and monitors.
  3. Wear a mask at ALL TIMES. No exceptions. Failure to wear a mask may result in loss of lab privileges.
  4. Students are required to leave when requested by lab assistants, grad students, or faculty

  5. Open lab access privileges will be revoked if abused

  6. Individuals who fail to comply will be subject to behavioral review by the University Student Judiciary

Graduate Student and Individuals with Special Research Permission

  1. Graduate students are not permitted to grant access to undergraduates into labs after open hours
  2. Graduate students have the responsibility and authority to request anyone who is not a fellow graduate student to leave the lab room

  3. During regular Department of Geographical Sciences office hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) please contact the main office in the case of a recalcitrant student, if after hours, call the non-emergency University Police line at 301.405.3555

  4. Graduate students are responsible for anything that happens in the room during their stay

  5. Unlimited access cannot be abused

  6. Required to abide by open lab hours for all assignments not related to ‘research’ projects

  7. Not permitted to grant access to undergraduates into labs after open hours

  8. Failure to comply with above rules will result in a loss of special lab access privileges