1. Do I need to make an appointment for advising?

Yes. Please make an appointment via TerpEngage if you are a current student. If you are not a current University of Maryland student, please email <geog-advise [at] umd.edu> with 3-5 times you are available.

2. I really want/need to get into a class, but the class is full and I am currently on the waitlist. Can you put me in?

Although we wish that all our classes had the capacity to take in as many students as possible, the reality is that classes fill up fast. While you may get off the waitlist, we do not have the authorization to put you into that class without special permission. Luckily, most waitlists in our department move quickly so you still have a good chance of enrolling. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, we recommend that you register for classes ASAP!

3. I really need to enroll in GEOG for my non-GEOG degree, but it's full. Could I enroll in the majors-only section?

We cannot allow non-majors into majors-only sections prior to the first day of classes. We receive many transfer students during semester breaks that will fill those seats. If seats remain open on the first day of classes we will release them to non-majors. Summer and Winter course offerings are also always open to non-majors. 

4. I want to register for an internship/honors class/independent study. How do I go about that?

Great! We are excited to see that you are taking your education to the next level. More information about each of these programs can be found on the Special Programs page. Forms for each can be found on the Advising Forms page or you can pick them up in the advising office

5. I have an advising block on my account - how do I get that removed?

Every semester you must meet with a GEOG Advisor for mandatory advising. We will remove your block at this meeting and discuss your remaining degree requirements. You should plan to visit advising at least 2 weeks prior to your registration date. You can schedule an appointment through or visit us during drop-in hours. You can make an appointment and view drop-in hours on TerpEngage.