The primary objective of this proposal is the maintenance of a well calibrated, high quality, multi-satellite, daily, multispectral land surface reflectance dataset from 2012 to present, providing a critical data set of global land observations needed to advance Earth System Science. Such a high quality global multi-year dataset is fundamental for interdisciplinary studies of the Earth system and can be used to study a wide range of land and climate related questions, quantify land use and land cover change, characterize processes and examine functions within the Earth’s land surface over time. This maintenance proposal covers the VIIRS Surface Reflectance product suite, VNP09 (level 2 Surface Reflectance), VNP09G1KI, VNP09GHKI, and VNP09GA (gridded daily product at 500m and 1km), VNP09A1 and VNP09H1 (gridded 8 day composite product at 500m and 1km), VNP09CMG (the daily global product in the climate modeling grid at 0.05deg). 

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