The goal of the project is to develop the capability for agricultural monitoring using VIIRS. The project will build on the experience gained in developing the NASA MODIS GLAM System (developed by USDA and NASA) and the MODIS science data stream. A major objective is to provide continuity with MODIS observations currently being used for agricultural monitoring. In the pre-launch and immediate post-launch period focus has been on:

  • developing the visualization and analysis tools for VIIRS based on the tools created for MODIS
  • initial evaluation of the L1 data from VIIRS during the commissioning phase – in close cooperation with the NPP Science Calibration Team and the land lead at NOAA STAR
  • download and evaluation of IDPS-generated products
  • initial preparation of surface reflectance data code for VIIRS building on the most recent MODIS surface reflectance product working with the NASA Land PEATE  and proposed alterations to the IDPS Code  
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VIIRS MODIS Comparison
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