The overall scientific goal of the project was to develop a new algorithm and products for agriculture monitoring, namely crop yield assessment and mapping, by combining moderate spatial resolution images acquired by Landsat-8, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1/SAR remote sensing satellites. The project explored an increased temporal frequency of observations and coverage as well as combination of optical and microwave (SAR) imagery to generate new products that provided improved spatially explicit crop yield mapping at regional and field scales. The project was focused on three major crops, namely wheat, corn and soybeans, that are within the top 6 major commodities in the world and account for 25% of global crop production.
Key highlights:
  • Multi-spectral satellite data can be used to assess crop yield at regional to field scale
  • Performance is dependent on data frequency, spatial resolution, and spectral bands
  • Temporal frequency and spatial resolution of satellite data are critical for explaining yield variability at field scale
  • Green, red edge and NIR were the most important in explaining corn and soybean yields; red and NIR for wheat yields.
Project-related papers in peer-reviewed journals:
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Results of the project were included into the NASA report on “Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition Program Pilot. Evaluation Report” (
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