The joint International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) – Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative (GEOGLAM) – Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) international workshop on “Earth Observations for Agricultural Monitoring” was held February 18-20th 2019 in New Delhi, India. This meeting marked the golden jubilee of agricultural remote sensing sciences in India, marking 50 years since the initial project of ISRO which in partnership with NASA studied the impact of coconut root wilt using airborne imagery.  It was noted by Dr. Shibendu Ray (Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre), the workshop host, that it was fitting that Chris Justice from the NASA Harvest program joined ISRO in celebrating this shared anniversary and to consider ongoing and potential future partnerships between NASA and ISRO in the area of agricultural remote sensing.

Chris Justice


Christopher Justice