Sergii Skakun (Assistant Research Professor) recently published a paper in the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters with  colleagues Eric Vermote, Jean-Claude Roger and Chris Justice, entitled - 'Multispectral Misregistration of Sentinel-2A Images: Analysis and Implications for Potential Applications'. By virtue of its hardware design, detectors in the MultiSpectral Instrument (MSI) aboard Sentinel-2A remote sensing satellite exhibit a parallax angle that leads to subpixel shifts that are corrected with special preprocessing routines. However, these routines do not correct shifts for moving and/or high-altitude objects. The paper applies a phase correlation approach to detect subpixel shifts between B2 (blue), B3 (green), and B4 (red) Sentinel-2A/MSI images at 10- m spatial resolution. It is shown that shifts of more than 1.1 pixels can be observed for moving targets, such as airplanes and clouds, and can be used for cloud detection.

The link to the paper: