Senior Faculty Specialist Erin Jacobs has been a key member of the University of Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences since 2017, beginning in the MS GIS/GEOINT program and also serving as an undergraduate advisor.

In 2019, Erin expanded her role to include procurement for the Department, ensuring the smooth operation of various projects and initiatives. Originally from Sag Harbor, New York, on Long Island's East End, she brings a unique blend of expertise, dedication and a touch of coastal charm to her multifaceted role at GEOG.

What do you like most about your role?  

I like the variety of being involved in both academic and operational settings. Academically, I love interacting with our students and making their path to completion go as smoothly as possible.

Through procurement I enjoy being able to play a role in advancing the important research going on in our department. I am always amazed at the wide range of unique items and services needed for our projects!

How would you explain your role in one sentence? 

My role is to provide knowledge, expertise and assistance within many areas of GEOG to keep our MS students, research, and the Department moving forward.

What’s a pet peeve you have at work?

The many physical quirks of the lovely LeFrak, of course! I especially love doing battle trying to keep my office door propped open.  Be sure to stop by and visit even if the door is closed. Just knock!

Erin Jacobs with dog Marvin

What do you do to help you recharge?

Spending time laughing with my family, friends and my dog Marvin [photo on the left] help to center me. I love to travel, go on walks, and am a big fan of Zumba and Pilates. I love music and going to concerts when I can.

Anything else you would like people to know about you.

Most importantly, I'm the proud mom of two daughters-both Terps! 

Also, my background has been quite varied-from sales and marketing to teaching preschool and being a Girl Scout leader. I have found that no skill goes to waste. I utilize what I've learned from each of these roles each and every day.  

Main photo: Erin Jacobs enjoys the view in Bergen, Norway. All photos courtesy of Erin

Erin in Bergen, Norway