Dr. Joanne Hall (Post-Doctoral Research Associate) presented a portion of her dissertation research at the American Geophysical Union’s 2017 Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Joanne was invited to participate in the Sustainable Development Under Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia I session convened by Dr. Pavel Groisman. Her presentation focused on highlighting the major findings from her recently published manuscript (Hall and Loboda, 2017) with coauthor Dr. Tatiana Loboda (Associate Professor) and their currently in review manuscript (Hall and Loboda, in review) which investigates the transport of potential black carbon emissions from Russian cropland burning to the Arctic snow with a particular focus on the enhancement of this low-level, long-distance transport driven by atmospheric blocking events.The presentation abstract can be found here: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm17/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/211731

During her time at AGU, Joanne also attended presentations from current departmental members; including, Dr. Dong Chen (Post-Doctoral Research Associate) who presented on the surface forcing induced by stand-replacing fires in the Siberian larch forest and Dr. Tatiana Loboda who presented the findings from their latest NASA ABoVE field campaign, specifically focused on the impact of fires in the Alaskan tundra.

Joanne would like to thank the department, and particularly, Dr. George Hurtt (Professor and Research Director), for financially supporting her travel to the AGU conference through the Departmental Research Faculty travel fund. 

Joanne Hall presents at AGU