PhD Student Rachel Lamb was accepted to participate in the  National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center’s (SESYNC) 2017 Graduate Student Workshop on Socio-Environmental Synthesis. As part of this highly interactive workshop, Rachel will have the opportunity to collaborate with graduate students from across disciplines and from around the world, participating in sessions and activities designed to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, team formation, and scientific proposal development.

Participants will advance interdisciplinary skills crucial to the success of socio-environmental (S-E) synthesis, including effective communication across disciplines and incorporating diverse data types. Rachel and her colleagues will also have the opportunity to shape emerging activities and ideas on S-E synthesis based on their experiences and research interests. SESYNC considers this workshop as integration into their scientific community and prestigious Graduate Program.  More information about SESYNC and its programs can be found at:

Rachel is currently a doctoral student working with Dr. George Hurtt to explore how climate change governance can better reflect the complex, non-linear and dynamic nature of social-ecological systems.