The NASA LANCE (near real time data) User Working Group (UWG) was established in 2009 to help guide the NASA data system (the ESDIS Project) on the implementation of its near real time (NRT) capability. Chris Justice has served as the LANCE UWG Chair since its inception. Initial emphasis on Fire Information for Resource Management Systems (FIRMS) developed at UMD by Diane Davies and Minnie Wong using MODIS data, was included as a LANCE element early in the program and is operating today, ingesting new data from the S-NPP VIIRS instrument. Diane and Minnie continue to be instrumental in the broader LANCE implementation. The UWG established the less than 3 hour latency criteria and developed procedures to review and entrain new NASA data products. A close relationship was established between LANCE and NASA Worldview and Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS). The uptake of NASA's near real-time data continues to increase globally, driven by both applications and science needs. At the recent LANCE Meeting at NCAR in Boulder (April 17-18), Chris Justice announced that he would be stepping down as the UWG Chair. 

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