On May 11, 2021 the MS GIS (https://geospatial.umd.edu/education/master-science-geospatial-information-sciences) and MS GeoInt (https://geospatial.umd.edu/education/master-science-geospatial-intelligence) programs held their Spring 2021 Capstone Symposium. The capstone class is the final class that graduate students in the MS GIS and MS GeoInt programs take before earning their degree. The purpose of the capstone is for the students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in an independent research or design project. This spring, 13 students spanning a range of backgrounds and disciplines presented their final capstone project. Each student had 5 minutes to present their project topic and showcase their results and web designs. Their projects included applications in GIS, spatial analysis and modeling, remote sensing, web app development, and geointelligence. If you missed the symposium, the online recording and presentation information with web app URLs is posted below.

WebEx Recording of the Spring 2021 Capstone Lightning Talk Symposium


Order of Presentations, Project Titles, and Web App URLs
1. Allison Bargabos - "Integrating a Lidar-Derived Flood Risk Analysis into a Web-GIS Application: A Case Study in the Town of Yarmouth, MA"
2. Yini Song - "Analyzing Vaccination Site Coverage and Vaccination Rates in Maryland"
3. Alan Lim - "Predictive Modeling for COVID-19 Transmission in D.C.,Maryland, and Virginia"
4. Brian Akers - "Identifying Land Use / Land Coverage Changes in Southern Luisiana's Fragile Coastal Regions"
Brennan Deal - "Mobile GIS Application for Crime Incidents in Washington, D.C."
6. Juan-Martin Newlands - "Do Good: A Web Application to Promote Donations and Volunteering"
Anteneh Sarbanes - "Multi-sensor, Water Index Flood Inundation Analysis: Ethiopia 2020"
Adam Martin - "Leveraging Machine Learning to Map Salient Classes on Mars"
Kexi Chen - "A Comprehensive Comparison of Spatio-temporal Distribution Patterns and Predictability for Different Kinds of Crime Events in Atlanta using Multiple Machine Learning Methods"
Dakota Chandler - "KAR Equipment: A Web GIS Application for Equipment and Information Tracking"
11. Robert Burns - "Statistical Analysis of Power Grid Vulnerability Factors in Puerto Rico Post-Hurricane Maria"
Olivia Lewis - "Educating and Motivating People in PG County, Maryland to Build Rain Gardens Through Suitability Modeling, GIS techniques and Applications"
13. Ghermay Araya - "Generating Reliable Canopy Height Model for Effective Urban Forestry Management using Data Fusion and Online Geospatial Information Delivery"
Congratulations to all of our Spring 2021 MS GIS and MS GeoInt graduates for completing their degrees!
MS GIS and GeoInt Students Hold Spring 2021 Capstone Lightning Talk Symposium