Name: Danny Levine
Year of graduation: 2011
Major: Geography
Minor: GIS

Current employment status:
• Employer: Harpoon Brewery
• Position: Maryland and Delaware Territory Manager

What drew you GEOG/GIS?
What originally drew me to the GEOG department was the fact that my older sister, Rachel, was having such a wonderful experience with her classes and course work. What kept me in the department was the amazing faculty and the hands on attention that I received from the staff. Professor Einey and Dr. Luna especially made my time in the department meaningful and fun!

What internships or independent research did you do as a GEOG/GIS major?

I was able to hold the position of GIS Intern with the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department while in undergrad. It really helped me see the practical aspect of geography and how implementing a digital mapping systems for the station could drastically cut down on response times.

What do you do at your current job?

I am currently the Delaware and Maryland Territory Manager for Harpoon Brewery. My days consist of me running all over the states dealing with retailors and beer distributors. I have to coordinate ordering and implement Harpoon programming on the chain level as well. When working with two states, it is imperative that we focus on the right areas with centralized populations to get the most results for our hard work. My time in the Geography department really helped me look at my territories with a new perspective. We are focusing on developing areas such as National Harbor and growing with the population and businesses there.

What recommendations would you make to current GEOG/GIS/ENSP majors for career and academic success while they are still undergraduates?

Find an "outside the box" type of internship while in undergrad. My time at the Greenbelt Fire Department was invaluable to my development with practical geography. A lot of the skills I developed there directly translate to the work I am doing currently with Harpoon. Take full advantage of the resources at your disposal through the department. You are fortunate enough to be part of one of the best Geography departments in the entire country and maximizing your time there will be very beneficial in the long run.

What recommendations would you make to current GEOG/GIS/ENSP majors for career and academic success after graduation?

Look for jobs in careers that really interest you. I had to spend a few years after graduation gaining as much sales experience as I could, but I knew that one day I would be able to combine everything. What I learned on the job complemented what I had learned in undergradI and I could really specialize. I am in a career that I love and can see myself spending the rest of my life in. It may not come immediately for you but if you work had for what you truly believe in, the sky is the limit with a UMD Geog degree! 

What do you miss the most about UMD?

I really miss the comradery that develops between students in the Geography department. While working in the GIS lab for many hours of my time at UMD, I became good friends with some of my peers. We still keep in touch to this day!

I also miss being 21 and not having hangovers at all-- that would be a huge plus in my industry!. I’m 28 years old, so I'm getting old these days. 

What are some of your hobbies/interests?

I have been obsessed with the brewing industry ever since coming on board with Harpoon about two years ago. Changing beer trends within the industry, which breweries are booming and which are busting, and even which breweries are getting purchased by bigger players all keep me up late at night researching and reading articles and reviews. I’ve even tried my hand at home brewing, but I will be the first to admit that I am awful at it and lack the patience to get any better. I’m also an avid fan of trivia (thank you GEOG department for making me useful to my team!), movies and the NFL.

Anything else you’d like to add?

If I can leave you with something I had to learn the hard way it would be GO TO YOUR CLASSES!! I wish I would have realized that back in undergrad. The more you get involved in your education, the better off you will be after college. My final bit would be to drink cool, refreshing Harpoon beers… If you’re 21 and over, of course. Help a fellow Geography alumni out!

Thank you for your great advice, Danny! We're so glad that you're a part of our GEOG family!

Danny Levine