Rachel Lamb, a new GEOG Ph.D. student, has been awarded a 2016-2017 Flagship Fellowship. The Flagship Fellowship Program is a university-level fellowship, which is used to recruit outstanding doctoral students to the University of Maryland Graduate School.

Rachel is an overall excellent student, who is the top ranked applicant to the department. Her interest is in exploring how climate change governance can better reflect the complex, non-linear and dynamic nature of social-ecological system (SES). Effective climate governance in the context of coupled SES requires decision-makers at all societal levels to demonstrate 1) an intimate knowledge of community-based mechanisms for adaptions, 2) a nuanced understanding of the cultural values and institutions that shape a society’s response to climate science and policy, and 3) a heightened awareness of how natural system function and respond to hazards. She will start her Ph.D in Fall 2016 with Dr. George Hurtt.

Welcome to the department and congratulations!