As it stands today campus-wide seminar information is decentralized, with each department dispersing their own seminar information via email listservs to their respective departments. This existing system makes it inconvenient for graduate students to collect seminar information across campus and is inefficient at supporting interdisciplinary research. Eric (Xueyuan Gao), a PhD student in our department, is the GEOG representative in the Graduate Student Government as well as the student representative in the University Graduate Council. In order to address the issue of isolated seminars, he recently authored a resolution calling for the implementation of a campus-wide seminar information website, which was approved by the Graduate School on April 14th, 2021. Recognizing the obvious benefits of increased access to seminars, the Graduate School has agreed to build a centralized calendar system for campus-wide academic seminars. This centralized seminar website will allow for more interdepartmental collaboration and will promote interdisciplinary research across campus.