Dr. Rachel Berndtson and Dr. Shunlin Liang led ten undergraduates on a Geographical Sciences study abroad program in Beijing over the summer of 2018, forwarding the Department’s mission to “Be Global.” Hosted by the Department of Geographical Sciences and the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Sciences at Beijing Normal University (BNU), University of Maryland (UMD) students spent three weeks learning about society and sustainability as it relates to China and global actors. The students learned in BNU classrooms alongside BNU students, as well as at sites visits across Beijing, including the Institute of Agricultural Resources & Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Beijing PIESAT Information Technology Co. The trip culminated with an academic symposium, attended by UMD College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) Dean Ball and Assistant Dean Li, as well as BNU Deputy Dean and Vice-Minister of Geographical Sciences Dong Xiaobin, through which BNU and UMD undergrads delivered talks on Geographical Sciences research projects. Outside the classroom, our students had the opportunity to explore the cultural landscapes of Beijing through sightseeing, food tours, and commercescapes. We look forward to returning to China in the summer of 2019 for another round of experiential learning!