The ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference took place November 3-6 this year as an entirely virtual conference. It is the flagship conference of ACM SIGSPATIAL, which is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses issues related to the acquisition, management, and processing of spatially-related information with a focus on algorithmic, geometric, and visual considerations. The Poster papers at SIGSPATIAL are short papers (5 pages) which are peer reviewed such as journal papers. They are called posters since they are presented in a poster session. The winning researchers are GEOG faculty member Leila De Floriani and her grad student Xin Xu, as well as her former post-doc and research fellow Federico Iuricich who is now an assistant professor at Clemson University. 

Runner up Best Poster Award 

Xin Xu (University of Maryland at College Park), Federico Iuricich (Clemson University), and Leila De Floriani (University of Maryland at College Park) for "A Persistence-Based Approach for Individual Tree Mapping."



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