GEOG Professor, Dr. Shunlin Liang, co-edited the book, "Land Surface Observation, Modeling and Data Assimilation," which will be published by World Scientific on October 23 of this year.  Details are as follows:



"Land Surface Observation, Modeling and Data Assimilation", editted by S. Liang, X. Li and X. Xie, World Scientific, ISBN: 978-981-4472-60-9, 492pp, 2013.(Found on


The Chinese version is published by High Education Press (


The contents are listed below, and more details are available at




  • Observation:
    • Remote Sensing Data Products for Land Surface Data Assimilation System Application (Yunjun Yao, Shunlin Liang and Tongren Xu)
    • Second-Generation Polar-Orbiting Meteorological Satellites of China: The Fengyun 3 Series and Its Applications in Global Monitoring (Peng Zhang)
    • NASA Satellite and Model Land Data Services: Data Access Tutorial (Suhung Shen, Gregory Leptoukh and Hongliang Fang)
  • Modeling:
    • Land Surface Process Study and Modeling in Drylands and High-Elevation Regions (Yingying Chen and Kun Yang)
    • Review of Parameterization and Parameter Estimation for Hydrologic Models (Soroosh Sorooshian and Wei Chu)
  • Data Assimilation:
    • Assimilating Remote Sensing Data into Land Surface Models: Theory and Methods (Xin Li and Yulong Bai)
    • Estimating Model and Observation Error Covariance Information for Land Data Assimilation Systems (Wade T Crow)
    • Inflation Adjustment on Error Covariance Matrices for Ensemble Kalman Filter Assimilation (Xiaogu Zheng, Guocan Wu, Xiao Liang and Shupeng Zhang)
    • A Review of Error Estimation in Land Data Assimilation Systems (Yulong Bai, Xin Li and Qianlong Chai)
    • An Introduction to Multi-scale Kalman Smoother-Based Framework and Its Application to Data Assimilation (Daniel E Salas and Xu Liang)
  • Application:
    • Overview of the North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) (Youlong Xia, Brian A Cosgrove, Michael B Ek, Justin Sheffield, Lifeng Luo, Eric F Wood, Kingtse Mo and the NLDAS team)
    • Soil Moisture Data Assimilation for State Initialization of Seasonal Climate Prediction (Wenge Ni-Meister)
    • Assimilation of Remote Sensing Data and Crop Simulation Models for Agricultural Study: Recent Advances and Future Directions (Hongliang Fang, Shunlin Liang and Gerrit Hoogenboom)
    • Simultaneous State-Parameter Estimation for Hydrologic Modeling Using Ensemble Kalman Filter (Xianhong Xie)
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