A 2019 graduate of the Department of Geographical Sciences MSGIS program, Siddharth Pandey has been name to the 2021 Geospatial World 50 Rising Stars list. Now serving as the Senior Geospatial Technology Manager for Dewberry Engineers, Siddharth manages Dewberry’s Geospatial Community of Practice; a venue for geospatial professionals to share best practices, tips & tricks, and professional development opportunities to support each other.


He was recently selected as a member of URISA’s Vanguard Cabinet 2021-2023 cohort; an advisory board focused on supporting young geospatial professionals by encouraging them to be active in the industry and providing them with various mentorship, networking and professional development opportunities to help them be successful.


Receiving his undergraduate degree from Penn State University, he participates in the College of Earth and Mineral Science’s annual summer event to help the incoming freshmen class get acclimated to the program. He speaks to the students in the Geography program; sharing advice and things to think about as they progress through the program and prepare for graduation.


Siddharth also supports emerging professionals’ groups at Dewberry and other organizations, including the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC). During his time on the executive committee, he helped MSGIC launch a young professionals initiative that conducts meetings, trainings, panel discussions and other activities to help students and those new to the industry with networking, formatting their resumes, finding jobs and getting started in their geospatial careers.


Article and biography originally posted by Geospatial World.

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