Dr. Shunlin Liang was awarded the 2018 Excellence in Research Award from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. This award recognizes tenure-track and professional track faculty members who have made significant contributions to the research agenda of BSOS over the past year.

Dr. Liang’s research interests mainly focus on the following three aspects: 1) radiative transfer modeling for physically understanding the remotely sensed data; 2) developing advanced inversion algorithms for estimating Earth’s environmental variables from satellite observations and generating the long-term high-level satellite products for the user community; and 3) applying remote sensing data products to address the issues related to environmental changes, particularly assessing the impacts of human activities on climate change.

According to nominator Dr. George Hurtt, Dr. Liang's "record of research productivity during his career, and over this past year in particular, is simply staggering." He has published over 300 peer-reviewed journal papers, authored or edited 6 books (4 of them were translated into Chinese), and 32 book chapters. In the five most recent years, he published about 30 journal papers per year on average. Dr. Liang was also Editor-in-Chief for the recently published set of 9-books "Comprhensive Remote Sensing.". He has made outstanding contributions to the science of extracting land surface information from satellite observations, and many of the techniques he has pioneered have been incorporated into operational satellite data processing streams (e.g, NASA and NOAA).

Dr. Liang and other award recipients will be recognized at BSOS's Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception on Tuesday, April 10th from 3pm to 5pm. Congratulations Shunlin!

Dr. Shunlin Liang