Congratulations to Dr. Sangchul Lee on his new position as an Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental Engineering at the University of Seoul in South Korea. Dr. Lee was a Graduate Research Assistant in our department from 2011- 2017. He graduated from the department in 2017 and he continued his research here as a Post-Doctoral Associate, then in AGNR as a Visiting Scientist for the USDA. Dr. Lee's new position will be focusing on environmental big data analysis at the first school for environmental engineering in South Korea. The school "aims to protect nature and humans from artificial pollutants while preserving the ecosystem. [It] teaches students environmental engineering theories through fundamental and applied courses such as environmental physics and chemistry, water and sewage supply planning, and noise and vibration control." (source) The department congratulates Dr. Lee and wishes him well in his new position and thanks him for his contributions to the department as a researcher and colleague.

Headshot of Dr. Sangchul Lee