Dr. Chengquan Huang was awarded the Provost's Excellence Award for Professional Track Faculty (PTK) for his outstanding research record.

The award selection committee noted Dr. Huang's research in remote sensing and satellite monitoring of land cover change, along with the associated methodologies and data products he created. Some of his notable achievements include the development of the 2001 National Land-Cover Database for the United States and his recognition as a University of Maryland Research Leader every year since 2011.

Dr. Huang joined the Department's research faculty in 2004, and has since developed a successful research program that has attracted grant support from multiple federal agencies, including NASA, NOAA, US Department of Agriculture (USDA), US Forest Service (USFS), and US Geological Survey (USGS). Congratulations to Dr. Huang on the well deserved award!

Dr. Chengquan Huang