The Department is pleased to announce that nine Professional Track (PTK) faculty members were approved for promotion. The PTK faculty include faculty specialists, postdoctoral associates, and research professors of all ranks. Faculty Specialists carry out a wide array of activities in the department, including providing administrative and technical support to the department, and supporting research activities in a variety of ways. Research faculty members provide integral research and service contributions to the department and discipline, and span a wide variety of expertise and rank.

We would like to congratulate the following nine faculty members on their well-deserved promotions.

Thanks to George Hurtt (Research Director), Ariane de Bremond, Molly Brown, Louis Giglio, Michelle Hofton, John Keniston, Hannah Kerner, Peter Potopov, Ritvik Sahajpal, Fernando Sedano, (Members of the Research Faulty Promotion Review Committees) for their role in the promotion process.