Full Name: Megan Eileen Bartlett


What major(s), minors, and/or certificates are you working on at UMD?

Bachelors in Geographical Information Science & Computer Cartography.


What are you interests within your program(s)?

GIS, remote sensing, cartography, and global geography.


What previous jobs, internships, and volunteer experience have you had?

This is my second year working for the Office of the Historian at State as an intern. I currently work as a cartographer for a contractor at NOAA.


What are your internship responsibilites?

Research and build a database and visualize the information through creating various maps.


What project(s) are you working on or contributing to?

I am building a geopolitical database of historical country names as recognized by the U.S.A.


How is the internship experience relevent to your studies in Geographical Sciences?

It allows me to research historical geographic information, create a database, and then use the database to create virtual maps using different types of GIS software.


Congratulations Megan!  Keep up the good work.