2019 Annual Geographical Sciences Award Ceremony

The Annual Geographical Science's Award Ceremony, organized by Erin Jacobs and Amanda Hoffman Hall, was held on May 10, 2019 to recognize the exceptional work and academic accomplishments of GEOG students, faculty, and staff alike. In the 2018-2019 academic year, the department had 5 undergraduates graduating with cum laude or higher honors, 12 dissertation defenses, and 20 unique journal publications. There were 11 departmental award winners this year, as well as several college, campus, and external award winners, all of whom were recognized at this year's ceremony. Congratulations to all award winners and nominees on your hard work and outstanding efforts!


Award winners


Award: Recipient:
Anderson Award for UG Excellence Brian Slobotsky
GEOG Gonfalon Devin Simmons
ENSP Gonfalon Eric Coholan
UG Internship Presentation Award 1st place (Fall) Quan Shen
UG Presentation 2nd Place (Fall) Brian Slobotsky
UG Presentation Honorable Mention (Fall) Daniel Ataalla
UG Presentation Honorable Mention (Fall) Evans Sarker
UG Presentation Honorable Mention (Fall) James Whyte
Outstanding MPSGIS Student Nusrat Meghna
Outstanding MPS GEOINT Student Colin Smith
Melchior Award Ruby Dessiatoun
Melchior Award Katherine Hess
Melchior Award Brian Slobotsky
Melchior Award Elliot Scarangello
Graduate Student Appreciation Award Erin Jacobs
Outstanding Graduate TA Rachel Lamb
Outstanding Research Faculty Alyssa Whitcraft
Outstanding Faculty Specialist Shannon Corrigan
Outstanding Faculty Specialist Maddie Guy
Outstanding GRA Jose Luis Villaescusa Nadal
Baker Award Rachel Lamb
Excellence in Graduate Research (Outstanding) Viviana Zalles
Excellence in Graduate Research (1st place) Suzanna Marselis
Excellence in Graduate Research (2nd place) Matthew Cooper
Excellence in Graduate Research (2nd place) Raul Munoz Castillo
Excellence in Graduate Research (3rd place) Jamis Bruening
Excellence in Graduate Research (3rd place) Yanjia Cao
Excellence in Graduate Research (3rd place) Danielle Rappaport
Jingli Yang  Award Yuhan Rao
Departmental Sticker Contest Jason Schwab


GEOG Award