A proposal to NASA entitled “Land Atmosphere Processing and Science Support” lead by Research Professor Jean-Claude Roger, in Geographical Sciences was recently awarded and will support two GEOG PhD students, Andres Santamaria-Artigas and José Luis Villaescusa-Nadal. The students will be co-advised by Belen Franch (Associate Research Professor), Jean-Claude Roger and Chris Justice. The aim of the project is to support the Land Atmosphere Processing Systems at NASA (Code 619) and strengthen its science capacity. The students are directly involved in the work and their PhD topics are aligned with this research.


Department researchers have been collaborating  for a number of years with Code 619 scientists on NASA initiatives generating land surface reflectance products including those from MODIS Aqua/Terra, VIIRS, Sentinel 3, Land Long Term Data Record (LTDR), Harmonization of Landsat-8/Sentienl-2 (HLS) and related science research in the areas agriculture and water resources. The addition of two PhD students is the latest development in this long term collaboration.

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