Important Dates, Courses, and Registration [Back To FAQ]

  1. Where can I find an updated list of courses, schedule and contact information?
    • The best place to locate all pertinent information regarding the MPS GIS programs is to visit the program website at internal:/gis
  2. How do I register for MPS courses?
    • With the UMD email account, you can go to TESTUDO at to register for the courses online by yourself. Register for ALL courses by:
      • Clicking on Registration (Drop/Add)
      • Logging into your account
      • Adding your desired courses with section Gi01
      • Click Submit and Sign-off
    1. Once you get your UMD account and register the classes, you will be automatically added to ELMS ( The instructors will send you the syllabus and other information before the class starts. Please note that you can attend the lectures and lab sessions either in real classroom or online.
  3. What are the course dates, schedule adjustment periods, and withdrawal deadlines?
    • MPS courses do not meet for the standard semester or term dates. Courses with non-standard dates have different Schedule Adjustment periods and Drop with 'W' dates. You can find non-standard course dates and deadlines for Schedule Adjustment and Drop with 'W' by clicking the link here:
  4. What is the MPS academic schedule?
    • The schedule for each quarter changes slightly each year but is approximately shown in the table below. You can find the schedule for the current year here: internal:/graduate/mps-course-schedule
  5. What are the registration dates for each term?
    • The registration dates for each term for the 2017-2018 academic year are shown in the table below.
    • Note: Students have until the first day of classes to register without penalty, after which students will be subject to the office of registrar non-standard course refund policy found on the resources page:
Term Registration Date (2017-2018) Start Date End Date
Fall March 30th End of August Mid November
Winter October 24th End of November Mid February
Spring November 2nd End of February Mid May
Summer February 28th End of May Mid August

ELMS, Email, and Software [Back To FAQ]

  1. Where do I go to receive my photo identification card?
    • Where to get your ID? What happens if you lose your ID? What programs and services are accessible with your ID? Etc. You can find important information about students IDs here:
    • For Lefrak Hall 24/7 access please contact Liz Smith lizsmith [at]  
  2. Where can I access free software such as office tools, downloads, design and productions and more?
  3. My ArcGIS license code has expired, where can I get a new one?
  4. How do I log into the VMware?
  5. Who do I contact about issues relating to the GEOG servers or VMware?
    • Please contact our tech staff at geoghelp [at]
  6. Who do I contact about issues relating to ELMS, such as log-in problems?
  7. How do I create and log in to my University email account?

Departmental and Campus Services [Back To FAQ]

  1. Where can I find information about the department's Computer Lab hours and policy?
  2. Where can I find information regarding on campus parking, shuttle information, maps and visitor directions?
  3. Where can I find information about recreational services?
    • You can find out about University gym memberships. Personal training and intramural sports and other facilities here:
  4. Where can I find online resources to supplement the knowledge and skills that we learn in class?
    • All UMD students have free access to, an online library with thousands of videos and tutorials on a wide range of skills such as Python Programming, R Programming, and Web Programming. You can find the UMD login page for Lynda here:

Graduate Forms and Financial Aid [Back To FAQ]

  1. Where can I find Health Forms such as Immunization, Medical history etc.?
    • The University Health Center requires each students to complete and submit an immunization form in order to remove registration blocks. You can find the forms here:
  2. Where can I find graduate school forms?
  3. Where can I access and pay my student bill or view my student account balance?
  • The Office of Student Finanical Services and Cashiering (formally Bursar's office)
  • Visit
  1. What are the requirements for a loan?
    • If you need any information on loan requirements or financial aid you can go to the Office of Student Financial Aid website at
    • If you have any specific questions about loan requirements you can contact: Malina Heng at mheng [at] or 301-314-9859
  2. Where can I find an Incomplete Contract?