The Geographical Sciences Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is the representative body for all currently registered part- or full-time graduate students in the Department of Geographical Sciences. The Department of Geographical Sciences operates under a shared governance structure, and the GSO represents student interests in the planning and decision-making of the department.

GSO meets throught the academic year to address issues affecting graduate students at the departmental and campus-wide level, and to organize and host leasure events that contribute to a friendly atmosphere in our department.

The president of GSO for the 2018-2019 academic period is Alison Thieme. Contact Alison for questions regarding GSO or graduate student affairs.


Recent events:

On December 2017, GSO hosted the first FOODnited Nations potluck and competition, highlighting the different cuisines that are represented in our department from Africa, Latinamerica, different parts of the US, Europe and Asia.