The Department of Geographical Sciences' seminars take place on Thursdays from 3:45-5 p.m. in 1158 LeFrak Hall.

  • 2/21/19: Adam Dixon (WWF): "Production of Bioacoustic Diversity in the U.S. Corn Belt"
  • 2/28/19: Ran Goldblatt: "Remote Sensing Analysis for Urban Research; Using Google Earth Engine to Map Built Land Cover at Scale"
  • 3/7/19: Anil Kommareddy (UMD): Talk Title TBD
  • 3/14/19: Dieter Pfoser (GMU): Talk Title TBD
  • 3/28/19: John Townshend and Saurabh Channan (UMD): "GLCF History and Accomplishments"
  • 4/11/19: Erle Ellis (UMBC): "Deep Anthropocene: the emergence of human societies and land use as a force of nature"
  • 4/18/19: Konrad Wessels (GMU): "Monitoring woody vegetation structure in arid savannas with LiDAR and SAR: Scaling up to operational systems"
  • 4/25/19: Arnon Karnieli (USDA ARS Hydrology and RS Lab): "Using spaceborne LST and NDVI data for assessing spatial and seasonal climatic and environmental vegetation growth-limiting factors"
  • 5/9/19: Sam Goward and Darrel Williams (UMD): "Landsat Legacy"