The Department of Geographical Sciences' seminars take place on Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. in 1158 LeFrak Hall. Meet & Greet sessions with seminar speakers take place from 3:30-4:00 pm.  Light refreshments are offered, but in an effort to "Go Green," please bring your own cup or mug for beverages! 


Spring 2018 Seminars:

  • 1/25/18: Rachel Berndtson on GEOG MS and PhD Spring 2018/Summer 2018 Graduation Procedures.
  • 2/1/18: Dr. Taylor Oshan, Research Associate at Spatial Analysis Research Center (SPARC) at Arizona State University on The Future of Spatial Analysis: Honing in on Geographic Process.
  • 3/15/18: Dr. Dorothy Hall, Associate Chief, Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. on ""ASSESSMENT OF UNCERTAINTIES IN THE MODIS CRYOSPHERE PRODUCT SUITE."
  • 4/5/18: Dr. Kuishuang Feng, Associate Research Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences University of Maryland. "Linking consumption to environmental change at multiple spatial scales."
  • 4/12/18: Dr. Lennart Olsson, Professor, Department of Geography at Lund University. Land degradation in the context of climate change –a bleak outlook and a silver lining.