PhD Advanced to Candidacy
Name Email Location & Phone
bredder headshot Bredder, Allison
Doctoral Candidate and Undergraduate Advisor
bredder [at] LeFrak 1149
Jamis_headshot Bruening, Jamis
Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
jamis [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347E2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile image Cui, Diyang
Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
dcui [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334B2
headshot de Conto, Tiago tiagodc [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347D1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Noel Dyer Dyer, Noel
Doctoral Candidate
ndyer [at]
Tuo Feng Feng, Tuo (Tony)
Doctoral Candidate
tuofeng [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Olympic game Gao, (Eric) Xueyuan
Doctoral Student
xygao [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334D2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Cortney Gustafson Gustafson, (Kelly) Cortney
Doctoral Candidate
kgustaf1 [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
(954) 661-7824
Guangxiao Hu, Guangxiao gxhu [at] 2138A, Lefrak Hall
 Samuel Jantz Jantz, Samuel
Doctoral Student
sjantz [at] 1150
(301) 405-3076
photo Jia, Aolin
Graduate Research Assistant
aolin [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334C2
Ipsita Kumar Kumar, Ipsita
Doctoral Candidate
ikumar [at]
me Li, Ruohan
Graduate Student
r526li [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334E2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Mengyu Liang Profile Photo Liang, Mengyu (Amber)
Doctoral Candidate
mliang77 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347A3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Halfphoto Liu, Zheng zliu1208 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334G2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Jiaming Lu Lu, Jiaming
Graduate Assistant
jmlu [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 321B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
(240) 413-1061
This picture was taken in Bahia San Quintin, Baja Calaliforina.  I was helping a former lab-mate with his doctoral research on the extent, productivity, and seasonality of seagrass in that pristine bay. Powell, Elisabeth
Doctoral Candidate
epowell1 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Meghavi Prashanani Prashnani, Meghavi
Doctoral Candidate
meghavi [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309A3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Gabriela  Rodrigues Eklund Rodrigues Eklund, Gabriela
Doctoral Candidate
gvaz [at]
Yunting Song Song, Yunting ytsong [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334H1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Zhiyue Xia, Ph.D. Candidate Xia, Zhiyue-Luna
Doctoral Candidate
zyxia [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
profile_picture Zhang, Yiming ymzhang8 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309H3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile Image Zhu, Guimin
Doctoral Student
gmzhu [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337C2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Name Email Location & Phone
Christian Abys Abys, Christian
Doctoral Student , Graduate Research Assistant
cabys [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309J1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
sheila_pc_ahrens Baber, Sheila
Graduate Research Assistant
4600 River Road, Suite 309A (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
sbaber [at]
Photo of Oliwia Baney Baney, Oliwia
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant
obaney [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347F3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile picture Barenblitt, Abigail
abarenbl [at] 4104935300
Alice Barnsdale Barnsdale, Alice
PhD Student/Teaching Assistant
abarns23 [at]
Paromita Basak Basak, Paromita
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant
pbasak [at] 4600 River Road
Department of Geographical Sciences Caraballo-Vega, Jordan A. jacaraba [at]
Weiye Chen Chen, Weiye
Graduate Research Assistant
4600 River Road, Suite 337B2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Xiangjie Chen Chen, Xiangjie
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant
xjchen [at] 1124 Lefrak
Headshot Elamin, Elamin M.
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant
eelamin [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309K (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Jiena He He, Jiena jiehe [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile picture Iddings, Kelli
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
kiddings [at] Suite 300, River Road
Professional headshot of Rya smiling and wearing clear glasses and a navy blazer. Inman, Rya
Graduate Research Assistant
rinman [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 300 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Victor Irekponor, Victor
Doctoral Student / Graduate Research Assistant
vireks [at] 4600, River road
Jennifer Kennedy Kennedy, Jennifer
Doctoral Student
jkenned [at]
Haijun-Li Li, Haijun
Graduate Research Assistant
haijunli [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358
Xinyuan Li Li, Xinyuan lxy95 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
UM Globe Li, Xiuxia
Visiting Graduate Student (Beijing Normal University)
my profile Li, Zhili lizhili [at]
UM Globe Liang, Jian
Visiting Graduate Student (Wuhan University)
Liao_Profile image Liao, Mengyu myuliao [at] 4600 River Rd.
Profile Image Liu, Baobao baobao [at] Lefrak 2138
Zhen Liu's profile image Liu, Zhen zliu1997 [at]
Profile Picture Madenberg, Levi levimadenberg95 [at] 6314184369
Utah Melocik, Katherine
Doctoral Student
kmelocik [at]
Image of Sasha sitting on a park bench Mikus, Aleksandra (Sasha)
Graduate Research Assistant
smikus [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358C2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Haley Mullen. Haley is wearing a white shirt and smiling. Mullen, Haley
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
mullenh [at] 240.252.0067
Walid Ouaret Ouaret, Walid
PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant
wouaret [at] +15133072675
Diana Parker Parker, Diana
Doctoral Student
parkerd [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358D3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Ushashi's Profile Image Podder, Ushashi ushaship [at] 4600 River Rd.
Abdul Qadir Qadir, Abdul
Doctoral Student, NASA FINESST Fellow
4600 River Road, Suite 309H1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Identification photo Qian, Yuehui
Graduate Teaching Assistant
yhqian [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337C4 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
+1 (240) 9179220
Judith Rakowski Rakowski, Judith jrakowsk [at] 2409 279072
Profile image Shao, Haolin hlshao [at] Lefrak Room 1124
Image of Quan Shen Shen, Quan
Doctoral Student
qshen [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347G1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Leonid Shumilo on LPS in Milan Shumilo, Leonid
Doctoral Student, Research Assistant, NASA FINESST Fellow, RSE top 10 reviewer
lshumilo [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309J2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
please let me know if the photo is not shown Wang, Yuhao yhwang20 [at] LeFrak Hall Rm 1124
Zhihao Wang Wang, Zhihao
Doctoral Student
zhwang1 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
ElleXu2019 Xu, Jingjing (Elle)
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
ellexu [at]
My picture Xu, Shuo shuoxu98 [at] 4600 River Road
Peiqi Zhang Zhang, Peiqi pzhang13 [at] 4600 Riverroad
UM Globe Zhang, Xiaodong
Visiting Graduate Student (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Yingrui Zhao Zhao, Yingrui yzhao120 [at] 4600 River Road
(512) 293-6119
Name Email Location & Phone
. Chen, Zihan
BS/MS Student
zchen117 [at] 240-524-0693
gasminemyersimage Myers, Gasmine
Graduate Research Assistant
gasmyers [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 321A1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Marie Panday Panday, Frances Marie
BS/MS Student
fpanday [at]