PhD Advanced to Candidacy
Name Email Location & Phone
Conclusion of Field Research Anderson, Kelly
Doctoral Candidate
kellykja [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Baer, A profile image Baer, Allison
Graduate Research Assistant
aebaer [at] 2138 LeFrak
Meredith G. L. Brown Brown, Meredith G. L.
Graduate Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
mglbrown [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Jose Funes Funes, Jose
Doctoral Candidate
Weishu Gong Gong, Weishu
Graduate Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
wsgong [at] 2138 LeFrak
Cortney Gustafson Gustafson, Cortney
Doctoral Candidate
kgustaf1 [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
(954) 661-7824
photo He, Jiaying
Doctoral Candidate & Graduate Research Assistant
hjy0608 [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Amanda Hoffman-Hall Hoffman-Hall, Amanda
Doctoral Candidate
ahall2 [at] 2120 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4073
 Samuel Jantz Jantz, Samuel
Doctoral Student
sjantz [at] 1150
(301) 405-3076
Matt Kuniholm Kuniholm, Matt
Doctoral Candidate
mattk [at] 2134 LeFrak Hall
Rachel Lamb Lamb, Rachel
Doctoral Candidate
rachlamb [at] 1150 Samuel J. LeFrak Hall
yellowstone national park Lan, Hai
Doctoral Candidate
hlan [at] 1124 Lefrak Hall
Photo Li, Yao
Doctoral Candidate
liyao [at]
Jiaming Lu Lu, Jiaming
Graduate Assistant
jmlu [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
(240) 413-1061
Lei Ma Ma, Lei
Graduate Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
lma6 [at]
Geekin' out over the aspen leaves (Populus tremuloides) O'Leary, Donal III
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
donal [at]
Gabriela  Rodrigues Eklund Rodrigues Eklund, Gabriela
Doctoral Candidate
gvaz [at]
Andrés Santamaría Artigas Santamaría Artigas, Andrés
Doctoral Candidate & Graduate Research Assistant
asantam [at] NASA GSFC, Code 619, Bldg 32, Room N126-1
Daniel Teodoro Teodoro, Daniel
Maryland Sea Grant Fellow
teodoro [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
José Luis Villaescusa Villaescusa, José Luis
Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant
jvillaes [at]
Qing Ying Ying, Qing
Graduate Assistant
qying [at] Hartwick
Hannah Younes Younes, Hannah hyounes [at] Lefrak 2138
Viviana Zalles Zalles, Viviana
Doctoral Candidate
vzalles [at] 4321 Hartwick Building
Name Email Location & Phone
Jamis_headshot Bruening, Jamis
Doctoral student
jamis [at] 1150 LeFrak
Diyang Cui Cui, Diyang
Doctoral Student
dcui [at] LEF 2138
Trying to smile de Conto, Tiago tiagodc [at]
Noel Dyer Dyer, Noel
Doctoral Student
ndyer [at]
Tuo Feng Feng, Tuo (Tony)
Doctoral Student
tuofeng [at] 206-476-7148
PyeongChange 2018 Olympic Winter Games Gao, Xueyuan (Eric)
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant
xygao [at]
Jiena He He, Jiena
Doctoral student
jiehe [at] 5084105839
Guangxiao Hu, Guangxiao gxhu [at] 2138A, Lefrak Hall
IMAGE Jia, Aolin
Doctoral Student
aolin [at] 2138 LeFrak
Jennifer Kennedy Kennedy, Jennifer
Doctoral Student
jkenned [at]
Ipsita Kumar Kumar, Ipsita
Doctoral Student
ikumar [at]
 Ruohan Li, Ruohan
Graduate Student
r526li [at] 2138 Lefrak Hall
Xinyuan Li Li, Xinyuan lxy95 [at] Hartwick Building
UM Globe Li, Xiuxia
Visiting Graduate Student (Beijing Normal University)
UM Globe Liang, Jian
Visiting Graduate Student (Wuhan University)
Mengyu Liang Profile Photo Liang, Mengyu (Amber)
Graduate Student
mliang77 [at]
Profile Image Liu, Baobao baobao [at] Lefrak 2138
Halfphoto Liu, Zheng
Doctoral Student
zliu1208 [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
Cambodia Melocik, Katherine
Doctoral Student
kmelocik [at]
Nathan Morrow Morrow, Nathan
Doctoral Candidate
nmorrow [at]
Doctoral Candidate
raul.munozcastillo [at] LE FRACK
(202) 674-5464
Diana Parker Parker, Diana
Doctoral Student
parkerd [at] Hartwick
This picture was taken in Bahia San Quintin, Baja Calaliforina.  I was helping a former lab-mate with his doctoral research on the extent, productivity, and seasonality of seagrass in that pristine bay. Powell, Elisabeth
Doctoral Student
epowell1 [at] 2103679804
meghavi Prashnani, Meghavi
Doctoral Student
meghavi [at] 401, 4321 Hartwick Rd, College Park, MD
Austin Sandler Sandler, Austin
Doctoral Candidate
sandlera [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
Kaihui Song Song, Kaihui
Doctoral Student
kaihuis [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Yunting Song Song, Yunting ytsong [at]
James Web Space Telescope Alison Thieme Portrait Thieme, Alison
Doctoral Student
thieme [at]
Headshot of Maria Tonellato Tonellato, Maria
Doctoral Student
Image Traldi, Rebecca
Doctoral Student
rtraldi [at]
Please let me know if the image is down Wang, Yuhao yhwang20 [at]
Zhihao Wang Wang, Zhihao
Doctoral Student
zhwang1 [at]
Brady Woods Picture Woods, Brady
Doctoral Student
blwoods [at]
Zhiyue Xia, Ph.D. student Xia, Zhiyue-Luna
Doctoral Student
zyxia [at]
Yu Xin Xin, Yu
Doctoral Student
yuxin [at] 2138A LeFrak Hall
(734) 757-3342
UM Globe Zhang, Xiaodong
Visiting Graduate Student (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
YimingZhang Zhang, Yiming ymzhang8 [at] Hartwick Building
Profile Image Zhu, Guimin
Doctoral Student
gmzhu [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
MPS Geospatial Information Sciences
Name Email Location & Phone
Michael Bender Bender, Michael
Master's Student
mbender3 [at] (443) 340-6148
UM Globe Booth, Thomas Paul boothtp [at]
William  Chong Chong, William wchong [at]
Quinn Connors Connors, Quinn qconnors [at]
UM Globe Conrad, Buffy bconrad1 [at]
UM Globe Davies, John
Master's Student
UM Globe Emekene, Owhologbo Daniel dokene62 [at]
UM Globe Foster, Benjamin bfoster1 [at]
UM Globe Harrison, Robert Mansour robhar1 [at]
 Gabriel Hua Hua, Gabriel
 Kevin Mathew Mathew, Kevin kmathew [at]
Chris McPartland McPartland, Chris cmcpart0422 [at] (301) 395-0331
Ian Roblee-Hetzmark Roblee-Hetzmark, Ian
Cynthia Wallin Wallin, Cynthia (Cyndi)
Master's Student
cwallin [at]
 Ashley Welty Welty, Ashley awelty [at]
Drew Wold Wold, Drew dwold [at] (319) 361-4063
UM Globe Yesserie, Addis ayesseri [at]
MPS Geospatial Intelligence
Name Email Location & Phone
UM Globe Mostowsky, Zachary
Master's Student
zmostows [at]
Name Email Location & Phone
Profile Picture Lloyd, Jordan
Graduate Student
jlloyd20 [at]
Image of Quan Shen SHEN, QUAN
Graduate Student
qshen [at] 3015186736