PhD Advanced to Candidacy
Name Email Location & Phone
Conclusion of Field Research Anderson, Kelly
Doctoral Candidate
kellykja [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Meredith G. L. Brown Brown, Meredith G. L.
Graduate Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
mglbrown [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Cooper Matthew Cooper, Matthew
Doctoral Student
mattcoop [at] Hartwick
Jose Funes Funes, Jose
Doctoral Candidate
Weishu Gong Gong, Weishu
Graduate Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
wsgong [at] 2138 LeFrak
Cortney Gustafson Gustafson, Cortney
Doctoral Candidate
kgustaf1 [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
(954) 661-7824
photo He, Jiaying
Doctoral Candidate
hjy0608 [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Amanda Hoffman-Hall Hoffman-Hall, Amanda
Doctoral Candidate
ahall2 [at] 2120 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-4073
Humber (Middle) Humber, Michael
Senior Faculty Specialist & Doctoral Candidate
mhumber [at] 4321 Hartwick Road, Rm. 425
(301) 314-0471
 Samuel Jantz Jantz, Samuel
Doctoral Student
sjantz [at] 1150
(301) 405-3076
Matt Kuniholm Kuniholm, Matt
Doctoral Candidate
mattk [at] 2134 LeFrak Hall
Rachel Lamb Lamb, Rachel
Doctoral Candidate
rachlamb [at] 1150 Samuel J. LeFrak Hall
yellowstone national park Lan, Hai
Doctoral Candidate
hlan [at] 1124 Lefrak Hall
Lei Ma Ma, Lei
Graduate Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
lma6 [at]
Suzanne Marselis Marselis, Suzanne
Doctoral Candidate
marselis [at] 1150 Lefrak Hall
Geekin' out over the aspen leaves (Populus tremuloides) O'Leary, Donal III
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
donal [at]
Danielle Rappaport Rappaport, Danielle
Doctoral Candidate
danielle.rappap [at] LeFrak
Gabriela  Rodrigues Eklund Rodrigues Eklund, Gabriela
Doctoral Candidate
gvaz [at]
Andrés Santamaría Artigas Santamaría Artigas, Andrés
Doctoral Candidate & Graduate Research Assistant
asantam [at] NASA GSFC, Code 619, Bldg 32, Room N126-1
Daniel Teodoro Teodoro, Daniel
Maryland Sea Grant Fellow
teodoro [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
José Luis Villaescusa Villaescusa, José Luis
Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant
jvillaes [at]
Qing Ying Ying, Qing
Graduate Assistant
qying [at] Hartwick
Viviana Zalles Zalles, Viviana
Doctoral Candidate
vzalles [at] 4321 Hartwick Building
Name Email Location & Phone
Baer, A profile image Baer, Allison
Graduate Research Assistant
aebaer [at] 2138 LeFrak
Jamis_headshot Bruening, Jamis
Doctoral student
jamis [at] 1150 LeFrak
Diyang Cui Cui, Diyang
Doctoral Student
dcui [at]
Noel Dyer Dyer, Noel
Doctoral Student
ndyer [at]
Tuo Feng Feng, Tuo (Tony)
Doctoral Student
tuofeng [at] 206-476-7148
PyeongChange 2018 Olympic Winter Games Gao, Xueyuan
Doctoral Student
xygao [at]
Guangxiao Hu, Guangxiao gxhu [at] 2138A, Lefrak Hall
IMAGE Jia, Aolin
Doctoral Student
aolin [at] 2138 LeFrak
Jennifer Kennedy Kennedy, Jennifer
Doctoral Student
jkenned [at]
Ipsita Kumar Kumar, Ipsita
Doctoral Student
ikumar [at]
Xinyuan Li Li, Xinyuan lxy95 [at] Hartwick Building
UM Globe Li, Xiuxia
Visiting Graduate Student (Beijing Normal University)
Yao Li Li, Yao
Doctoral Student
liyao [at]
UM Globe Liang, Jian
Visiting Graduate Student (Wuhan University)
Mengyu Liang Profile Photo Liang, Mengyu (Amber)
Graduate Student
mliang77 [at]
Profile Image Liu, Baobao baobao [at] Lefrak 2138
Halfphoto Liu, Zheng
Doctoral Student
zliu1208 [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
Jiaming Lu Lu, Jiaming
Graduate Assistant
jmlu [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
(240) 413-1061
Siem Reap, Cambodia Melocik, Katherine
Doctoral Student
kmelocik [at]
Nathan Morrow Morrow, Nathan
Doctoral Candidate
nmorrow [at]
Doctoral Candidate
raul.munozcastillo [at] LE FRACK
(202) 674-5464
Diana Parker Parker, Diana
Doctoral Student
parkerd [at] Hartwick
This picture was taken in Bahia San Quintin, Baja Calaliforina.  I was helping a former lab-mate with his doctoral research on the extent, productivity, and seasonality of seagrass in that pristine bay. Powell, Elisabeth
Doctoral Student
epowell1 [at] 2103679804
meghavi Prashnani, Meghavi
Doctoral Student
meghavi [at] 401, 4321 Hartwick Rd, College Park, MD
Austin Sandler Sandler, Austin
Doctoral Student
sandlera [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
Kaihui Song Song, Kaihui
Research Assistant
kaihuis [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Yunting Song Song, Yunting ytsong [at]
James Web Space Telescope Alison Thieme Portrait Thieme, Alison
Doctoral Student
thieme [at]
Image Traldi, Rebecca
Doctoral Student
rtraldi [at]
Brady Woods Picture Woods, Brady
Doctoral Student
blwoods [at]
Zhiyue Xia, Ph.D. student Xia, Zhiyue-Luna
Doctoral Student
zyxia [at]
Yu Xin Xin, Yu
Doctoral Student
yuxin [at] 2138A LeFrak Hall
(734) 757-3342
Hannah Younes Younes, Hannah hyounes [at] Lefrak 2138
UM Globe Zhang, Xiaodong
Visiting Graduate Student (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
YimingZhang Zhang, Yiming ymzhang8 [at] 2408258722
Profile Image Zhu, Guimin
Doctoral Student
gmzhu [at] 1124 LeFrak Hall
MPS Geospatial Information Sciences
Name Email Location & Phone
Michael Bender Bender, Michael
Master's Student
mbender3 [at] (443) 340-6148
UM Globe Booth, Thomas Paul boothtp [at]
William  Chong Chong, William wchong [at]
Quinn Connors Connors, Quinn qconnors [at]
UM Globe Conrad, Buffy bconrad1 [at]
UM Globe Davies, John
Master's Student
UM Globe Emekene, Owhologbo Daniel dokene62 [at]
UM Globe Foster, Benjamin bfoster1 [at]
UM Globe Harrison, Robert Mansour robhar1 [at]
 Gabriel Hua Hua, Gabriel
Byron Marroquin Marroquin, Byron
Graduate Assistant
bmarroqu [at] 2122 Samuel J. LeFrak Hall College Park, MD 20740
(301) 405-8057
 Kevin Mathew Mathew, Kevin kmathew [at]
Chris McPartland McPartland, Chris cmcpart0422 [at] (301) 395-0331
Ian Roblee-Hetzmark Roblee-Hetzmark, Ian
Cynthia Wallin Wallin, Cynthia (Cyndi)
Master's Student
cwallin [at]
 Ashley Welty Welty, Ashley awelty [at]
Drew Wold Wold, Drew dwold [at] (319) 361-4063
UM Globe Yesserie, Addis ayesseri [at]
MPS Geospatial Intelligence
Name Email Location & Phone
UM Globe Mostowsky, Zachary
Master's Student
zmostows [at]
Name Email Location & Phone
23 year old, white woman, with shoulder length brown hair. Dessiatoun, Ruby
kate Hess, Katherine katehess2 [at] 1150 LeFrak Hall
headshot Slobotsky, Brian bslobots [at]