Nathan Morrow has nearly 20 years of experience researching and working with international organizations on issues of food and nutrition security, child wellbeing and humanitarian response. He is currently a Research Associate Professor at the Payson Center for International Development at Tulane University’s School of Law and has taught a number of classes over the years for the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the Tulane School of Social Work and a regular summer food security studies institute in Italy. He is currently the Principal Investigator for a project supporting a regional multi-stakeholder Resilience Analysis Unit based in Nairobi and two USAID-funded projects focused on ‘Enhancing Resilience and Economic Activity in Somalia’. He is the primary author and principal investigator for the forthcoming United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Handbook for Emergency Preparedness and Response – and has begun development of the World Food Programme’s ‘Field Operations Handbook’. Nathan has work experience in nearly 20 countries and was Chief of Party for the multi-country humanitarian response to the Food Security and HIV/AIDS crisis in Southern Africa reaching nearly 5 million people with developmental relief approaches – considered a precursor to much of the resilience oriented programing being developed now. He has been the co-chair of the Emergency and Disaster Evaluation thematic group at the American Evaluation Association where he also has facilitated professional development workshops. He is also in good standing with the European Evaluation Society and the Association of American Geographers. Nathan continues to teach skills-focused courses on research, programing, evaluation and operation based in the principals of IHL, equity and justice – that should be at the center of all Global Health, Food Security, and Emergency Response interventions around the world.

Areas of Interest

  • Food and Nutrition Security
  • Wellbeing measures
  • Resilience assessment
  • Emergency response
  • Evaluation
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and disruptive technologies
  • Information systems and logistics
  • Capacity development
  • Operations and standard operating procedures
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  • Degree Type
    Degree Details
    Geography from Boston University


  • Land cover dynamics and wellbeing in Ethiopia
  • Support to the Resilience Analysis Unit for the Horn of Africa
  • USAID-funded “Resilience and Economic Activity in Luuq” Somalia, World Vision International prime
  • USAID-funded “Enhancing Resilience and Economic Activity in Somalia”, CARE International prime
  • FAO’s Handbook for Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • WFP's revision of the Field Operations Handbook

Research Topics

  • Geospatial-Information Science and Remote Sensing
  • Human Dimensions of Global Change - Coupled Human and Natural Systems
  • Land Cover - Land Use Change
Nathan Morrow
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