I am researching on fusing Lidar remote sensing with time series from multispectral satellite imagery to understand the structural changes of forest and woodlands, and the biomass and carbon stock dynamics as vegetation structure varies. More specifically, I am using data from the new spaceborne lidar, GEDI mission, to study how charcoal production in Eastern Africa has changed the forest's above-ground biomass density and carbon stock. For my dissertation, I am interested in developing a framework of using the open-access remote sensing data to quantitatively measure the successes of long-term forest landscape restoration in Eastern Africa. My dissertation research has been funded by NASA's FINESST grant. I would love to collaborate with local stakeholders and other conservation initiatives to develop a novel application case for using remote sensing towards sustainable development goals.

Before coming to UMD, I earned my Master's degree in cartography from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and during my Master's program, I studied in three prestigious institutions in Europe - TUM, Vienna University of Technology and Technical University of Dresden. I also conducted remote sensing related research in all three institutes while studying there. The experiences I had living in Europe and working with European scientists are priceless for my personal and academic growth, and I would not trade these experiences for anything.

Areas of Interest

  • Lidar remote sensing, data fusion, vegetation dynamics


  • Degree Type
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    Cartography, Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  • Degree Type
    BSc, Hon
    Degree Details
    Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison)


  • 2020-08-31
    BSOS Dean's Research Initiative
  • 2021-08-31

Research Topics

  • Carbon, Vegetation Dynamics and Landscape-Scale Processes
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    Event coordinator at Graduate Student Government, 2019-2020
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    President at Graduate Student Government, 2020-2021
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