Pan HE

Doctoral Candidate

I have a vision of my research which could embody the interaction between social-economic activities and natural systems. I believe in the scientific policy & institutional designing on natural resources and ecosystems, in order to improve the temporal and spatial effectiveness of resource allocation and environmental governance in responding to global environmental change. Therefore, I am developing my PhD program with leading international training & experience, and integrated socio-ecological research approaches.

  • BS Environmental Science, Nanjing University
  • MS Environmental Science, Nanjing University
  • 2018 Ph.D. Student Best Paper Award, Section on Chinese Public Administration, American Society for Public Administration
  • 2017 Best poster, Berkeley Chinese Environmental Scholars Forum
  • 2017 China Specialty Group Student Travel Award, AAG Annual Meeting
  • 2016 Honorable mention, Annual Graduate School Three-Minute Thesis competition, University of Maryland
  • 2016 1st Place, Oral Session (Environmental), Graduate Research Appreciation Day, University of Maryland

Carbon footprint and drivers, Urban spatial structure and its environmental impact, Environmental policy analysis

  •  Pan HE
2138 Lefrak Hall
Department of Geographical Sciences
Phone: (301) 219-0074