1.  Where can I find an updated list of courses, schedule and contact information?

  • The best place to locate all pertinent information regarding the MS and GC GIS programs is to visit the program website 

2.  How do I register for MS courses?

  • Prior to registering each term, you will have an online advising block that will prohibit you from registering.  Complete the Online Advising form. After it is reviewed by the MS program, your block will be lifted (estimate time: 24 hours).
  • With the UMD email account, you can go to TESTUDO at http://www.testudo.umd.edu/ to register for the courses online by yourself. Register for ALL courses by:
  1. Clicking on Registration (Drop/Add)
  2. Logging into your account
  3. Adding your desired courses
  4. Click Submit and Sign-off
  • Once you get your UMD account and register the classes, you will be automatically added to ELMS (http://elms.umd.edu). The instructors will send you the syllabus and other information before the class starts. Please note that you can attend the lectures and lab sessions either in real classroom or online. 

3.  What are the course dates, schedule adjustment periods, and withdrawal deadlines?

  • MS courses do not meet for the standard semester or term dates. Courses with non-standard dates have different Schedule Adjustment periods and Drop with 'W' dates.
  • Non-standard course date listings and schedule adjustment periods can be found HERE
  • 12 week course Academic deadlines can be found HERE.; 
  • Schedule Adjustment information can be found HERE

4.  Where can I find an Incomplete Contract?

  • If for any reason you are unable to complete all of the material for a course by the end of the course's term, you need to discuss this with the course instructor and fill out an Incomplete Contract 
  • Send a copy of the signed contract to Kristen Bergery at kbergery [at] umd.edu

5. What is the MS academic schedule?

  • The schedule for each term changes slightly each year but is approximated as follows. You can find the schedule for the current year here via the main program page under the tab "course schedule"

6.  What are the registration dates for each term for MS GIS courses?

  • The following are registration dates for each term:

Winter 2020- October 23, 2019

Spring 2020 - November 1, 2019

Summer 2020 - February 27, 2020

Fall 2020-- March 27, 2020

* Students have until the first day of classes to register without penalty after which students will be subject to the office of registrar non-standard course refund policy found on the resources page.


7. What if I need to take a term off?

  • The Graduate School requires continuous registration.  If you need to miss a term, you must fill out a Waiver of Continuous Registration and email it to Kristen Bergery at kbergery [at] umd.edu before the start of the term.

8. What are the Graduate School policies and how can I request a modification?

  • All Graduate School students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to retain admission status
  • Some students are admitted provisionally. These students must receive a B or higher in all classes the first term or year.
  • For a request of modify policy, a Waiver of Regulation must be filled out and emailed to Kristen Bergery at kbergery [at] umd.edu
  • A complete list of the Graduation School policies can be found HERE