1. Where do I go to receive my photo identification card?

  • Where to get your ID? What happens if you lose your ID? What programs and services are accessible with your ID? etc. You can find important information about students IDs here: http://registrar.umd.edu/current/Policies/id-cards.html
  • For Lefrak Hall 24/7 access please contact Liz Smith at lizsmith [at] umd.edu

2. Where can I access free software such as office tools, downloads, design and productions and more?

3. My ArcGIS license code has expired, where can I get a new one?

4. How do I log into the VMware?

  • You can find all the steps to logging into the VMware by clicking here: 

VMware Instructions for Windows
VMware Instructions for Mac

5. Who do I contact about issues relating to the GEOG servers or VMware?

  • Please contact our tech staff at geoghelp [at] umd.edu

6. Who do I contact about issues relating to ELMS, such as log-in problems?

7. How do I create and log in to my University email account?