GEOG Alum, David Pearman (B.S. 2011), discusses the intersection of  environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship in a recent BSOS interview:


"Like many Geographical Sciences majors, David Pearman, B.S. ’11, found that the more he learned about geography, immigration patterns and globalization, the more he realized that environmental sustainability is a universally critical topic.


But Pearman also learned that being green could prove lucrative. 'While I was still in college, I became interested in sustainable businesses, in any industry. I saw this as increasingly relevant,' Pearman said.


In 2010 Pearman and his business partner, Keith Meyers, founded HRB Movement (the acronym stands for Hope Resides Beneath), a company dedicated to producing clothing and apparel that features environmentally friendly materials, creative designs, and social action. The comfortable clothing is made from organic and recycled cotton, recycled water bottles, bamboo and hemp.


The HRB team is committed to the concept that sustainable fabrics must be part of the fabric of society. This commitment goes beyond working with environmentally friendly materials—the company is involved with local environment and community initiatives and insists on fair labor practices.


'We focus on creating green business practices, from the type of office materials we use to selecting the vendors we work with,' Pearman said. 'There’s a sustainable factor to everything.'


Among HRB’s most popular products is a backpack handmade in Kenya. Pearman said he and his business partner were not only interested in gaining a great product to sell; they wanted to create economic opportunity for a community in need."


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